Monday, September 22, 2008

The GoodGang in The Attack of the Flowerman

I was nine years old in 1973, when I created this, the debut issue of my first real attempt at sequential storytelling. Not having seen a super hero comic before I’d moved to America from Scotland, some two years earlier, I was just beginning to grasp the genre and all its rigid parameters; its need for costumes and secret identities, its designation of powers, concepts only ever indirectly touched upon in the humor and adventure comics I’d read in Great Britain. The GoodGang represents, in its minimalistic presentation and storyline, my initial distillation of these literary precepts, as well as my first encounter with drawing paneled images. The lack of word balloons speaks again to my roots, many of my favorite episodic strips in Britain, like Rupert, having indicated dialog by quotations, like prose.